The purpose of this website is to provide information that will be of use to treatment teams that provide services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who also have psychiatric and behavioral disorders that adversely affect their functional status.

The content will be based on my own publications as well as the contemporary published literature that relates to this subject matter. The latter content will be derived from the professional journals that I routinely review on a monthly basis as well as subscription journal review services which greatly increase the scope of the material that I can directly monitor myself. The individual entries will take the form of reviews of relevant articles as well as focused summaries of the published literature related to specific topics. Each entry will be dated and will be followed by either my initials or the name of the individual contributor to this website who performed the review.

I will also make available electronic reprints of my own publications which may be of interest to those who visit this website. The current goal is to update content on a monthly basis.


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